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Lotus Blossoms are one of my favorite flowers!

The lotus blossom flower has been associated with many different meanings or symbols. The Egyptians associated the lotus blossom with rebirth and death. They also felt that the flower symbolized the sun and creation. Egyptians noticed how the flower would retract into the water at night and then reemerge when the sun came up each morning. The lotus blossom flower also appears in many hieroglyphics. In Buddhism the lotus blossom flower represents fortune, purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. In Hinduism the flower symbolizes beauty, prosperity, spirituality, eternity and fertility.

For more detailed information about the lotus blossom flower and its meaning you can check out this web site:

My favorite place to photograph lotus blossom flowers over the years has been at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, located in Norfolk Virginia.  You will find this beautiful flower in their Japanese Garden which was originally created in 1964. The garden is dedicated to Norfolk’s sister city Kitakyushu, formerly Moji Japan. The Japanese garden has a beautiful pond where many lotus blossoms bloom every year. I loved to spend time sitting in that garden watching the dragonflies dance from flower to flower.

I have included some of my favorite pictures that I have taken of this flower over the years. Whether the lotus blossom flower is just a bud or in full bloom, it truly is a breath taking flower to look at!

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